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What is MadSync?

"MadSync" stands for Management and ADministrative SYNChronization. MadSync's TeamOS software provides a central location for your club records, club communication, internal sales (sponsorship products), event merchandising ... and MUCH more. MadSync's TeamOS software is literally an "operating system" for your club.

And the best part is that it's free!
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[Keith] [11/11/2011]   Release 1.5.7: Events, mobile, and documents upgrades.

We just deployed some new code. The first thing we want to mention is that we've improved our basic interface in the default skin for mobile phones. There are still some improvements that need to be made, particularly with regard to sub pages (the frame approach has problems on most mobiles), but we've made a start.

Another important upgrade is to the admin documents area. We cleaned up the interface, made it more AJAX-y, and have given you the ability to restrict member acccess to documents on the basis of your custom roles. Document access also now obeys server authorization; ie. if someone does not have access to your document, not only will links to it be hidden but attempts to download it will be met with a not authorized message.

Finally, in working with Clint Bickmore from the ACA, we have introduced "Event Mode." Event mode is designed to make it easier for mobile registrations online on race day. MadSync now offers a QR code in your event editor that will take mobile users to a stripped down version of the app. This version has no menus, no sidebars, just the form for your race, a permanent link on every page back to your event ... and of course a link to exit event mode.

[Alan] [9/8/2011]  Bear Creek TT Series online reg. is closed

There will not be online registration for race day entries, due to the complexities of doing this with a lottery. However, the ACA wants you to know that there will be race-day registration for the Bear Creek Lake Time Trial Series until 4pm each day. Race day reg. is first-come, first-served and race days can be purchased a la carte for $25. If you cannot be there in time for 4pm, please call the ACA offices at (303)458-5538 to reserve a spot.

What we're working on next:

5/15/2010  Improved social media integration.  DONE

5/1/2010  MadSync event hosting upgrades.  DONE

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